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Hey there ♥ Hey, Nadi-chan here, but you can call me Nadi or Nads~ I was born on 17th August 1996, I live in Germany, Schleswig-Holstein and im in a really happy relationship ♥. I'm an traditional and digital Artist and i love it to draw everytime I can. I love it to color digital drawings, but im faster, more detailed and ordinary with traditional art. ! ♥ Crycest is my life and OTP 4 ever ( Mad!Cry x Cry) ♥ ♥
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What is life?

I’m not sooo happy with this drawing but —— ugh. Nevermind. It’s just one of these days where i cant draw- “good” xD Well.. Anyway- I hope you like it! u3u. Its Mad vs. Cyber.

Sup Guy Doodles

Take em!


sorry I didn’t answer questions for so long! But here you go!


Forgot to post it! So just take it!



I have no idea how to update the other post so i’ll just post the finished thing now :s

Alrighty so yeah, Fem and Mad in fancy clothes.

Drawing this was kinda like “I have no idea what i am doing” until the end haha ^^; aahh whatever i finished some art, thats something :D

Q _ Q ) ♥ ♥

Cherry blossom Charizard X

I started this drawing at school and only had pink copic’s with me but i really wanted to color it. So yeah now its a pink Charizard <: a cherry blossom charizard <3

Ah right. I hope it’s okay but i will let the back of the bookmarks white. It’s easier for me and costs less print color uwu) i will print a few today and yeah. Maybe next week you can buy them. I’m not sure yet owo”


I just received this amazing print from nadi-chan! Man I love it so much! And the bookmark too! Gosh it looks great on our wall!

Oooooo it’s already there? That was fast :D ♥ Im glad you like it and i’m glad it reached ya safely :3 <3

Thank you so much for + 1 900 follower ♥ I love ya all ♥