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Hey there ♥ Hey, Nadi-chan here, but you can call me Nadi or Nads~ I was born on 17th August 1996, I live in Germany, Schleswig-Holstein and im in a really happy relationship ♥. I'm an traditional and digital Artist and i love it to draw everytime I can. I love it to color digital drawings, but im faster, more detailed and ordinary with traditional art.
! ♥ Crycest is my life and OTP 4 ever ( Mad!Cry x Cry) ♥ ♥

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sweetstreats sent:

((What do you use to color your tradtional rts with? ouo. And just so you know its meowchell from da. The person who is kinda scared to talk to you...))

Aww cute xD Don’t be scared! I don’t bite!

Anyway I use Copic (Marker) and Faber-Castell Polychromos ovo

#nadi answers
blind-justice789 sent:

Nads~ what size do you use for your cards? owo/

I use DIN A7 sized paper (thats 74mm x 105mm ) ovo well- i buy A7 sized, blank cue cards xD because they already have the perfect size and they are perfect thick :3 not like normal paper thick. thicker! just perfect xD

Little Yumi/Yuni Card

Okay I guess for now these are the last Nadi Cards xD I should work on digital things again like the manga and stuff. But these won’t be my last Nadi Cards of course >:3 it’s so much fun to draw them!

Little Merman-Mad!Cry (feat. Pokemon) Card

Yes.. another Nadi Card. I draw pretty much of them in last time because- i love to draw traditional at the moment ^_^) but somehow only on small sized paper. So yeah. Nadi Cards! I’m not soo proud of this. I don’t like the water xD but yeah hope you like it!

Little Cry-Okami Card

It’s so much fun to draw these A7 sized “Nadi Cards” x33 In last time i prefer traditional art.. somehow i need a break from digital art xD (but i need to finish a few drawings digital soon *sigh*) Well I hope ya like it :33< I got the Cry/Okami design from alicetamashii !!


Mh sadly it’s not that great, but maah xD 

It’s Raffle-Time!Yeah so I do a raffle because- i love raffles! ^_^) And because I need so long with the bookmarks… because i’m toooo lazy.

What do you have to do to join the raffle?
Like and reblog this (add your favourite candy in the reblog, otherwise it doesn’t count.)

Thats all :3 Hope ya have fun!

As already said on the picture, I will pick a winner from deviantart, tumblr and facebook. You can join on all website but if you win two prizes - you need to decide which one you want and then i will do another raffle for the other prize.



So yeah, I’m drawing an Okami fanart ouo I like it so far, hopefully I’ll like it as well when it’s finished!

Little Cryaotic Card

And so i drew another A7 sized card x3 (a friend and I call these cards “nadi cards” because why the fuck. You can call them how you want xD) Its Cry :33 you will be able to win this card (not the original) in the raffle!

Little Totoro Card

Soooo I drew Totoro on a A7 sized card uvu (I once drew kagrou project charas on A7 cards too, remember?)  <: I like it! Hope ya too :3