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Hey there ♥ Hey, Nadi-chan here, but you can call me Nadi or Nads~ I'm 17 years old and live in Germany, Schleswig-Holstein and im in a really happy relationship ♥. I'm an traditional and digital Artist and i love it to draw everytime I can. I love it to color digital drawings, but im faster, more detailed and ordinary with traditional art. ! ♥ Crycest is my life and OTP 4 ever ( Mad!Cry x Cry) ♥ ♥
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Aaah right i almost forgot xD
Thank ya all who wished me happy birthday !! ❤❤ there are a lot of wishes so i thank ya all with this post so i dont have to answer all the wishes individually xD and thanks for all the awesome drawings ^_^) ❤



not sure how I feel about this.

this is the most contradictory piece of exercise equipment i’ve ever seen

#tokyo ghoul

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Ao no Exorcist - Volume Covers 1 - 12


*sees a dog*

me: nice

*PETS a dog*

me: NICE


being called annoying is literally the worst thing ever because then you’re scared to ever say or do anything again and you end up isolating yourself because you think everyone hates you and you feel insecure about everything. long story short pls dont call people annoying


i like it when the sky looks like the world is going to end

Kagerou Days Official Visual Fanbook
Illustration by Wannyanpu

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Shouyou & Tobio sitting in a tree, A-R-G-U-I-N-G!

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That face you make when you find weird shit at stores, and then offer it to your friend.