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Hey there ♥ Hey, Nadi-chan here, but you can call me Nadi or Nads~ I'm 17 years old and live in Germany, Schleswig-Holstein and im in a really happy relationship ♥. I'm an traditional and digital Artist and i love it to draw everytime I can. I love it to color digital drawings, but im faster, more detailed and ordinary with traditional art. ! ♥ Crycest is my life and OTP 4 ever ( Mad!Cry x Cry) ♥ ♥
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My Crycest stuff!

It’s Limelight time!

Ta de! So i drew a Limelight pic. with a new designed cry :D he’s the- normal cry. Ya know, not the crycest/manga cry. The youtube cry cry. So yeah. I like his design u w u)/ and i love dis sooooong. Drew it ‘really’ quick but I hope u like it anyway

Cry ‘n Mad - Pokemon Adventures #1

Yeah im going to do the thing :D lil crycest/pokemon comic which always has 4 panels. I can finish 1 panel in around 5 minutes so its a lil project when im bored or what ever xD hope ya like it <3


This is literally all I was imagining.

Cry ‘n Mad - Pokemon Adventures!

Finally im done. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) This was fun to draw. Im still a lil loser with background tho but this is okay. I really like it! ( ´∀`)yayz. Pokemans <3

"Cry: I think you should keep your Pokemon in a Pokeball. It’s kinda big.."

I’m thinking about to do a tutorial today~
What do you want me to do owo) ?


Did a really quick sketch of mad! Cry, based on nadi-chan ‘s design


little butt. I love you <3

I really like you if i tag you in this post and if i didnt i still like you but we have not met each other like that well!! but i still love you dont get sad! gonna make another post if i didnt tag you!

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Im really gomen if it bothered you! <33


((IF: yeeee i like cry, though i haven’t watched him in awhile due to Game Grumps playing the Heart of Darkness XD. Uh, I REALLY like the Crys that Nadi-chan does. They are super cute and awesome :3. You should go check out the manga she’s making of them here.))

dis is goin to be work. much detail. very pokemans. wow

((Cry is just a pikachu fanatic and mad found a baby lugia once. and yeah. thats why his lugia isnt so big yet))

Ello everybody!

I dyed my hair |D (and its shorter, cut it a while ago.)